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Bélanger Construction provides the services required to complete many projects. These include: building and rehabilitating roads, bridges, sewer and water, culverts, dams, airport facilities and many other concrete structures. Whether the client is a Government Ministry, a Town or City, a Developer, a private owner, or another General Contractor, Bélanger has both the expertise and the depth of resources to complete their project at the highest quality.

Sewer and Water

Bélanger Construction has more than 50 years experience designing and doing pipe laying and working with water-mains. Bélanger Construction has also recently expanded into the construction and maintenance of water treatment plants.

Bélanger Piling

At Bélanger Piling, we specialize in driving H, pipe and sheet piling in a safe and efficient manner. We provide fixed and hanging lead piling systems equipped with various diesel, vibratory and drop hammers. Our Systems give us the capability of driving up to 90 feet in pile length at a time.

Our friendly, fully staffed and experienced piling crews are motivated and take pride in producing quality work. With 110 tonnes of lifting capacity and 180 feet of main boom, our Linkbelt LS218 H II edition is the pride of our fleet. We also have smaller conventional crawler cranes which gives us versatility for all piling situations.

Winter Maintenance

Bélanger Construction Maintenance provides a variety of winter maintenance services to meet the most demanding needs of provincial and municipal road authorities, and private customers across Ontario. Utilizing a combination of plowing, anti-icing, pre-wetting and conventional material spreading technologies, services can be designed to meet the varying climatic conditions found in Northern Ontario.

Our experienced and trained staff provide years of snow fighting knowledge to make informed decisions on the appropriate tools to use for a specific storm event. This provides for the optimal utilization of resources in combating winter weather. Bélanger Construction Maintenance is continuously evaluating new technologies in the winter maintenance industry that will allow us to provide our customers with progressive solutions for their winter maintenance demands.

Bridge Construction

Over the past 50 years, Bélanger Construction has worked on over 100 bridge related projects valued at over $470 million. Our experience includes bridge repairs, design/build of new bridges, and removal and demolition of existing bridges.

Bélanger Construction can work with any type of project, from building it from scratch or just using prefabricated concrete structures. Bélanger was also a big part of the new Highway 69 bridge structures, building 7 bridges. Some of our clients include: Ministry of Transportation Ontario, The City of Greater Sudbury, North Bay, Timmins, Sault Ste. Marie, Moosonee, and many others.

Heavy Civil Works and Road Construction

Bélanger Construction is constantly researching new products and more efficient techniques to save our clients time and money. Our crew is encouraged and financed to attend educational courses and training.

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